Innovation Leaders Summit 2021

Eight innovative Austrian companies participate in the Innovation Leaders Summit 2021 and introduce their excellent products and services.

The Innovation Leaders Summit (ILS) is Japan‘s top event featuring domestic and international advances in technology and innovations that potentially change the way we live and do business. 

Being invited to the ILS alone is a show of confidence in a company’s technology and solution. This year, we are proud to have eight Austrian companies participating and presenting their solutions to the Japanese and international audience – onsite or virtual.


Below you find a list of the participating Austrian companies including a short description of their solutions.

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Innovation Leaders Summit 2021

Power Matching: 03.03.2021 - 05.03.2021 @Toranomon Hills

Online Matching: 08.03.2021 – 12.03.2021

Event details + application:


Austrian Companies

Company name URL
Authentic Vision GmbH 
FerRobotics Compliant Robot Technology GmbH 
fragmentiX Storage Solutions GmbH 
Kontrol GmbH 
Obrist Powertrain GmbH 
Silicon Castles GmbH 
TecSense GmbH 
TTTech Industrial Automation AG 


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