usePAT: hunting microplastics in liquids with ultrasound

The Austrian firm’s technology uses ultrasound fields to measure and check particles in liquids.


Many areas of industry make use of liquids, either manufacturing them or using them in production processes and equipment-cleaning, etc. Examining and measuring liquids is of significant importance in industrial applications.

usePAT uses ultrasound to measure and analyse particles in liquids without having to take samples. Measurement can be carried out while machinery is running and the data are delivered in real time, so use of this technology lowers costs and improves industrial processes. The system has a whole host of applications, especially as the world moves towards Industry 4.0.

usePAT’s devices not only help to reduce wear and tear on industrial plant, their use can also improve the quality of waste and processing water; microplastics strongly degrade water quality and are harmful to the health of plants, animals and humans. usePAT’s technology makes it possible to identify, trap and analyse microplastics in waste water simply and quickly, which means it is also helping the ‘green’ agenda.

Greentech Austria: usePAT
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