Opening hours

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 18:00

** Important Notice for Visitors **
The Commercial Section is located within walking distance from the Austrian Embassy building. Please walk up the hill and turn right immediately. Then please take the first right again and walk straight for about 100 meters until you have reached a white two story building standing on your left.

Our services

Advantage Austria Tokyo officially represents Austrian business in Japan.

Advantage Austria Tokyo is part of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber and acts as an external trade organization to open international business opportunities for Austrian companies. Our services consist of informing our customers about export markets, presenting Austrian enterprises abroad and supporting them to find foreign business partners. We consult Austrian companies from the stage of preparation to the completion of business and help to solve a wide variety of problems.

Geographic coverage


Our Team in Tokyo

Servicecenter Team
  • Mr. Arnold Ackerer
    Deputy Head of Advantage Austria Tokyo

  • Ms. Mami Iwasaki
    Executive Secretary

ABC (Austrian Business Council )
  • Ms. Sonja Rosinski
    Executive Secretary

  • Mr. Luigi Finocchiaro
    Senior Commercial Officer

Machinery, Industry, Railway, Forestry, Biomass
  • Ms. Noriko Matsumoto
    Senior Commercial Officer

Food and Beverages, Fashion, Publishing Industry
  • Ms. Rumi Onodera
    Senior Commercial Officer

Technology Affairs
  • Mr. Simon Psenner
    Commercial Officer

Kansai Region
  • Ms. Nazumi Takagi
    Senior Commercial Officer

Consumer goods, Leisure, Sports and Travel Industry,
  • Mr. Dominik Wraneschitz
    Commercial Officer

 Foreign Direct Investment & Trade
  • Mr.  Noboru Aoki
    Senior Consultant

  • Mr. Andy Kondo
    Consultant - Key Account Manager


Smart Factory / Semiconductor
  • Ms. Naoko Ichihashi
    Finance and Administration

  • Ms. Michiko Sekine
    Press, SNS, Web editor

  • Mr. Takashi Onishi
    General Affairs