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Advertising is a key instrument for conquering the Austrian market.  In addition to print, radio and television, billboard advertising has been an important medium in the Austrian market for many years.

The most important advertising channels for the Austrian market (measured in share of advertising revenue 2020)

Print media 43.0 %
Television27.6 %
Online16.4 %
Radio6.6 %

Other significant channels:

Foreign Advertising
Advertising abroad has long been an important part of the Austrian advertising market. Billboards and posters are placed on key traffic routes and well frequented places.

Point of Sale Advertising
Product presentation and free samples make up an important part of retail advertising. POS advertising applies to retail outlets, stations, airports and public transport stops.

Sport and Art Sponsorship
Sponsoring of sports and art is a well developed advertising approach in Austria. 

Direct Marketing
Direct Marketing is playing an ever-increasing role although there are certain restrictions, especially with tele-marketing. Mailing lists for direct mailing campaigns are available from specialised providers.

The Austrian media landscape is characterized by a relatively high concentration. However there has recently been an increase in new providers in TV and Radio broadcasting.

Information on viewing figures in the Austrian media (in German): 
AG Media-Analysen
Information on web statistics (in German):
Österreichische Webanalyse (ÖWA)

Print media in Austria

Print media with economic focus

Daily newspapersWeekly magazinesMonthly magazines
Die PresseProfilGewinn
Der StandardTrend

Additional Print Media

The newspaper with the highest circulation is Neue Kronen Zeitung with a share of 23.3%. It is followed by Heute Kleine Zeitung, Österreich and Kurier. All the links are German only.

Broadcasting in Austria

With the privatisation of the radio sector in 1997, numerous private broadcasters began to compete with the Austrian Broadcasting Corporation (ORF). ORF has six national TV stations and it was 2003 before terrestrial television was opened up to private broadcasters.

Foreign public and private broadcasters have a significant share of the market, as cable and satellite reception is widespread in Austria. Viewers can choose from a wide range of foreign, especially German, stations. 

Source: ORF/ Media Research (in German)
Market share of the leading TV stations (2021)
ORF2 22.1 %
ORFeins 10.2 %
ZDF 3.9 %
ServusTV 3.7 %
VOX 3.2 %
RTL 3.1 %
PULS 4 3.1 %
ARD 3.0 %
ATV 3.0 %
PRO7 2.7 %
SAT1 2.7 %

Austrians Online

93%  of the Austrian population were using the internet in 2021. On-line shopping was used by around 63%  of users.

99.6% of Austrian companies exploit the internet. Banking and financial services are the strongest presence on the internet, with high interest also shown in online purchasing, marketing and sales.


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