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Find out how we can help you to develop successful business relations with Austria.

Our main objective is to establish and foster business relations between Norwegian and Austrian partners.

We do this by ...

... introducing Austrian companies to the Norwegian Market.

... providing you with information on Austrian suppliers of products and services.

... promoting trade shows and business events in Austria.

... informing about the Austrian economy, its' industries and service sectors.

... pointing out opportunities for investors.

... co-operates with authorities and institutions.

We bridge the gap between AUSTRIA and NORWAY!

We would be glad to be at your service if you are looking for Austrian products or business partners.

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Our team in Oslo

Servicecenter Team
  • Peter Mangel
    Construction/Infrastructure, Mobility, Energy/Sustainability/Natural Resources, Service-Export, Technology, Customs/Toll

  • Eike Simons
    Industry/Machinery/Materials, Health, Food/Retail/Consumer Goods, Creative Industries, Technology, Law/Taxes