Electromobility is becoming more sustainable thanks to AVILOO’s battery tester

The Austrian start-up has developed a diagnostic tool for electric vehicle batteries. Analysing battery data can help extend their life cycle.


Mileage is often viewed as the most important figure to consider on the second-hand motor vehicle market, but in the case of electric cars, it doesn’t provide enough information about the condition of the vehicle. The state of the battery in an electric automobile is far more important, and will have a significant influence on its value; individual battery cells that are faulty will not only reduce the performance of the overall battery module (and thus of the car) but will also have a negative impact on component lifespan and safety.

AVILOO has developed the first independent battery test for second-hand electric vehicles that can be used irrespective of the make or type of vehicle (from a car to a boat). It is also simple to operate: the test box is connected to the car’s OBD port and battery data are sent live to AVILOO as you drive, i.e. discharge the battery. A certificate summarizing the battery’s health is issued once the test has been completed.

Testing and monitoring this data can extend the life cycle of batteries, making it a sustainable proposition, and will have a positive effect on the CO2 footprint of the battery, and thus the entire electric vehicle.

GreenTech Austria: AVILOO
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