Incoming Mission Timber Construction Vorarlberg

  • Austria
Best practice and study tour “wood construction” in Vorarlberg (Austria)

As we can recognise the increasing interest in the wood construction business and bearing in mind the high popularity of our tour in 2018, it is now again time for a study tripwood construction” to Austria. For this event we would like to invite civil engineers, architects and staff involved in planning from the Nordics to the province Vorarlberg in the beautiful westernmost part of Austria

Austria has a long tradition in building with wood utilizing energy efficient constructions. Especially in recent years, new construction projects with sustainable solutions have gained a lot of attention and led to a dynamic development in this sector. The innovative work of the woodworking community and the great environment for sustainability made Vorarlberg the leading stakeholder in timber construction in Austria. 

Together with our colleagues from Advantage Austria Copenhagen and the Chamber of Commerce of Vorarlberg and in cooperation with vai Vorarlberger Architektur Institut and Træinformation, our team organises the whole event including bus transportation and accommodation for two nights in Austria (1-3 October 2019). 

Do you have any questions? Do you want to get in touch with innovative Austrian companies and experts within the field? Please contact:

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