Austrian DELTABLOC provides safety barriers for the Stockholm bypass, one of the world’s longest road tunnels

© Deltabloc
© Deltabloc

DELTABLOC® is part of the gigantic Stockholm bypass project. Installation of DELTABLOC® DB 80AS-E safety barriers (on 4.3km) and DB 80E safety barriers (on 300m) is in full swing and will continue until September 2021. The project includes special elements like transitions to steel guardrails, emergency openings or lighting columns.  

Construction of the entire bypass should be finished by 2035 and will relieve the Swedish capital from inner-city traffic. Over 18km of the total 21km of the bypass are in tunnels to reduce the impact on nature and the environment. When the bypass opens for traffic it will be one of the longest road tunnels in the world.  

Austrian DELTABLOC® is a leading developer of vehicle restraint systems. Precast and in-situ concrete, noise protection, steel guardrails and production equipment make for most efficient road barrier solutions, which have been successfully installed in over 45 countries across the globe.