H2Accelerate (H2A) 

OMV is part of a new collaboration for zero emission hydrogen trucking at mass-market scale
OMV Group is a global actor and one of Austria’s largest listed industrial companies. It produces and markets oil and gas, innovative energy and high-end petrochemical solutions – in a responsible way. OMV has now joined efforts with Daimler Truck AG, IVECO, Shell and Sweden’s Volvo Group in creating conditions for a mass-market roll-out of hydrogen trucks in Europe within the next 10 years. Called “H2Accelerate”, this initiative will help hydrogen-powered trucks to make a breakthrough across Europe, thus contributing to the goal of emission-free transportation. The introduction of hydrogen-powered trucks in large numbers entails the building of CO2-free hydrogen production plants, large hydrogen distribution systems, a filling station network with high capacities for liquid and gaseous hydrogen and the manufacturing of hydrogen-powered trucks. Trucks will initially drive in regional clusters as well as along European transport routes with high capacity utilization and a sufficient supply of hydrogen filling stations. By linking regional clusters, a Europe-wide network will eventually be formed.