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Here are a few facts and figures about the Austrian industry: Sports/Leisure
  • 1,994

    tourist guides

    In 2017, 1,994 people accredited tourists guides led tourists around Austria’s towns and cities.

  • 15.9%

    share of GDP

    Direct and indirect added value of the tourism and leisure industry accounted for 15.9% of Austrian GDP in 2017.

  • 48,381

    food service businesses

    The Tourism and Leisure Industry division of the WKÖ had 48,381 food service enterprises in 2018.

  • 80%

    export quota

    The export quota of the Austrian skiing industry was more than 80%.


Source: WKO, Tourism and Leisure Industry federal division
Companies of the Austrian tourism and leisure industry in 2017
Food service enterprises 48,381
Leisure and sports enterprises 18,729
Hotel establishments 15,942
Cinema, cultural and amusement facilities 2,667
Travel agencies 2,412
Health sector businesses 2,193
Source: SpEA SportsEconAustria,  Das SportAustria-DATENVADEMECUM Edition 10 I März 2019 
Sport defined in economic terms Persons employed*)Gross value added in EUR million
Statistical definition: sporting activities (including the operation of sports facilities and other services)approx. 23,210(0.56%)approx. 1,234.1 
Narrow definition: All activities which are inputs to sport (i.e. all goods and services necessary for doing sport (trade and production of sporting goods) plus the Statistical Definitionapprox. 158,340(3.82%)approx. 8,786.6 
Broad definition: All activities which require sport as an input (i.e. all goods and services related to a sport activity but without being necessary for doing sport) plus the Narrow Definitionapprox. 295,324 (7.13%)approx. 18,087.2
*) Number of persons employed in Austria‘s sport-related economy and their share in the working population in %
Source: Trend Top 500
The largest companies of the Austrian sports/leisure sector by net revenue in million euro (2018)  
Intersport Österreich eGen. 677.00
Austria Puma Dassler GmbH 526.10
Zentrasport Österreich eGen. (Sport 2000 & Gigasport) 475.00
Hervis Sport- und Mode GmbH 430.00
Intersport Austria GmbH 308.23
Head Sport GmbH 275.80
KTM Fahrrad GmbH 228.47

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