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The Austrian educational system is highly esteemed in Europe and is one key factor for the success of the business location Austria.

Austria's Educational System

One of the distinctive features of the Austrian educational system is the extensive co- operation prevailing between the business community and educational institutions. 21 universities of applied sciences as well as 22 universities and 13 private universities maintain close ties to the industrial sector. The dual education system, which combines theoretical and practical teaching, is applied in preparing for careers requiring apprentice training as well as in higher vocational schools. Curriculum and training courses are tailored to the requirements of the business world. Apprentices are professionally trained in companies or gain on-the-job experience. The bottom line results of research and development activities are exploited in a practice-oriented manner within the framework of joint projects carried out by schools working together with the business community, e.g. in theses, dissertations or student enterprises. This two-pronged approach is considered to be exemplary throughout Europe. Foreign investors highly value the specialized skills and the sound, fundamental know-how of Austrian employees.

In addition to a person’s initial education, the strategy of pursuing ’life-long learning’ and continuing, career-related education is increasingly gaining in importance. In the category of life-long learning, Austria has the highest level of participation throughout the European Union, and one of the top global rankings. 

International educational opportunities

But it is not only the wide-ranging choice of leisure activities in a secure environment that makes foreign managers quickly feel at home. Austria also presents a comprehensive choice of schools offering instruction in a variety of languages.

The most important international schools and universities in Austria are:

German language courses are offered by the Goethe-Institut, the universities and many adult education colleges.

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Last update : March 19, 2021