Living and Costs of Living

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An extraordinarily comprehensive program of cultural events enables a diversified range of recreational activities. In combination with a markedly low crime rate, the high level of social security and an attractive shopping and recreational infrastructure plus moderate costs of living this sums up to top quality of life worldwide.

Good Value for Costs

Due to its cultural offerings, Austria is considered one of the most enjoyable countries in the world, but not one of the most expensive. The cost of living in Vienna is affordable, according to the worldwide Cost-of-Living Survey 2017 by Mercer. Vienna was given a good ranking of 78th in the study, which evaluates the living costs for employees sent to work in 209 large cities abroad, including rents, public transportation, leisure time activities, food and clothing.

The African city of Luanda is the costliest destination for expatriates, followed by Hong Kong and Tokyo. Zurich, Geneva and Bern (Switzerland) are the most expensive European cities, followed by Moscow.

Source: ABA-Invest in Austria © Austrian Business Agency

Last update : November 04, 2020