Post-Brexit Sourcing in the Eurozone: Supply Chain Alternatives

Insights from import and logistics experts as 2021 approaches.


Brexit fast approaches and the European Chamber aims to keep you up to date on what this means for your business. During this event you will receive insights from experts such as Professor Edgar Morgenroth (DCU), Anne Lanigan (Regional Director, Eurozone Enterprise Ireland), Fergal Keenan (MD, Cargo-Partner), and more.

According to an impact study by the ESRI, Brexit will cost every Irish family between 900 and 1.400 EUR/year in additional cost due to tariffs and non-tariff barriers on products imported from the UK. In combination with additional customs procedures Irish companies have a high incentive (and pressure from consumers) to shift to new suppliers from the European Union (preferable in the Euro area to mitigate exchange risks).

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