Wood - The World’s Most Advanced Building Material

  • Tokyo
From the Country where Cross Laminated Timber was invented

Japan has recently taken to this method and reformed its building code. Since spring 2016 cross laminated timber can be used in high rise buildings in Japan without having a special individual permit by the ministry. 
Japan perceives cross laminated timber systems as a unique chance to develop and improve its forest industry. 
This symposium will highlight top features of cross laminated timber, present experts on architectural designs with cross laminated timber as well as those dealing with construction issues of cross laminated timber.

We will have top Austrian suppliers of cross laminated timber as well as companies providing complimentary products (e.g. special joints and screws for x-lam panels etc.) at the symposium on 7. Sept 2016 in Tokyo. Ready to talk business and how to help your company to take leadership in this upcoming market.  

  • This symposium will be conducted in Japanese language.

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Short snapshot on cross laminated timber (CLT):
Cross laminated timber also known as X-Lam is an engineered wood building system of high strength and dimensional stability. It can be used to fully substitute concrete, masonry or steel in many building types. Developed in Austria it quickly gained high popularity in Europe and started spreading all over the world. 
With appealing features such as cost effectiveness, improved thermal performance and design versatility it is popular among architects and construction companies.