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The most advanced and strong motivated Austrian pharma and medical companies are looking for new business opportunities in Japan. 

Let’s join our business matching events and meet Austrian front line products, technologies and services for your further business.


European Biotech & Pharma Virtual Partnering Conference 2021

Date: 27-30.09.2021


BioJapan 2021

Date: 13-15.10.2021

Venue: Pacifico Yokohama


Bio Japan 2021 Austrian Exhibitor Catalogue (PDF, 0.6MB)


Advantage Austria Tokyo

Mr. Dominik Wraneschitz

T: +81-3-3403-1777


Austrian Companies

ABF Pharmaceutical Services GmbH

ABF Pharmaceutical Services GmbH, a Member of GBA Group Pharma, is a leading service provider for international clinical trial supply management and pharmaceutical logistics. We specialize in complex clinical trial design and provide services which include quality and regulatory support, labeling and packaging, storage and distribution for marketed and investigational medicinal products (IMPs)/ investigational new drugs (INDs). Further we are consulting experts for validation and transfer of GMP processes and analytical methods.


At ABF we have developed an audited and qualified laboratory network to ensure high-quality PBMC (Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells) isolation.

Located in the heart of Europe, Vienna, Austria, we are in the optimal position to provide fast, efficient service solutions for all pharmaceutical products.


ABF has already worked with Japanese pharmaceutical and biotech companies and is grateful to have some Japanese laboratories in their PBMC laboratory network.


We invite you to talk with our Head of Global Business Development, Mr. Benjamin Baranyai for any new possibility of a cooperation.

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG

AOP Orphan was one of the first companies to enter the sector of rare diseases in Europe twenty-five years ago. Today it continues to be a leader in the field. As an early pioneer in rare and complex diseases, AOP Orphan has a proven track record of building successful partnerships with commercial and academic organizations with similar interests. As a fully integrated pharmaceutical company we research, develop, produce, and commercialize innovative solutions in a range of niche therapeutic categories.


EUCODIS Bioscience GmbH


Eucodis Bioscience provides high-performance enzyme solutions for advanced applications in biopharma, cosmetics, and fine chemicals industry. As a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO)/Contract Research Organization (CRO), we are offering general services in enzyme and recombinant protein production.


Our Services include the following:

- Protein & enzyme engineering (Gene shuffling/recombination technologies)

- Production strain development (E.coli, Bacillus, Streptomyces, Corynebacterium, Pichia,

           Sacharomyces, Aspergillus)

- Bioprocess development (ISO 9001, non-GMP), small scale

- Upscale/routine industrial protein/enzyme manufacturing (from 1 L up to 1000 L fermentation volume)


We are specialists in setting up optimized bioprocesses for the scale-up and manufacture of recombinant proteins according to ISO 9001 standards to assure maximum yields, stability and desired purity in reproducible reliable quality.


Furthermore, we are offering a panel of highly active industrial enzymes (lipases, phospholipases, nitrile hydratases, beta-Lactamases, catalases, peroxidases, amidases, etc.). The enzymes show superior activity in multiple applications, such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production, chiral syntheses, environmental monitoring in the manufacture of beta-lactam antibiotics, etc.


We also offer CTAT, a new enzymatic technology, which can be used for C-terminal, site-directed bioconjugation of proteins/antibodies with functional loads such as fluorescent dyes, PEG and chemotherapeutic molecules. CTAT solves the problems of existing technologies by enabling site-specific conjugation in defined Antibody-Drug-Ratio (DAR) without altering the structure of a protein/antibody. The CTAT-technology is available for licensing on a target basis or as a whole. We are also looking for partners who are interested in using the CTAT technology in diagnostic or other applications.



Our custom services span the whole value chain of enzyme/protein development:

  • Target enzyme identification
  • Enzyme/protein engineering by e.g. in vivo recombination, gene shuffling or directed and random mutagenesis
  • High throughput screening for desired properties (activity, substrate specificity, stability, expression levels)
  • Fermentation and DSP development and upscaling
  • Biocatalytic process development applying enzymes and whole cell biocatalysts or cell factories
  • Manufacturing of biocatalysts

We offer reliable and cost-effective protein manufacturing services combined with timely and efficient customer support.



EUCODIS Bioscience is a leading provider of novel industrial enzymes, with customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostics, and other industries worldwide.


With a portfolio of over 50 enzymes including innovative lipases, beta-lactamases, phospholipases, nitrile hydratases and other enzymes, EUCODIS Bioscience has a proven track record of providing customized enzyme solutions.


In addition, EUCODIS Bioscience provides services ranging from enzyme engineering to process development as well as protein manufacturing according to our customers' individual specifications. EUCODIS Bioscience provides customized services in recombinant protein and enzyme production by covering the whole spectrum of bioprocess development up to industrial-scale manufacture of your target proteins under ISO9001.


Our headquarters and main laboratories are located at the Campus Vienna Biocenter, Austria’s largest Biotech and University cluster.



We are small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) comprising of 15 staff members of which most are well-trained and experienced scientists with PhD and MSc degrees working in research & development, and production. All the members of our business development and sales team have a scientific background as well and will support our customers in finding the best enzyme solution for them.



We are looking forward to finding customers from pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostic, and cosmetic industries that interested in customized protein/enzyme production. We offer our services in recombinant protein production comprising of enzyme screenings, protein & enzyme engineering, strain and bioprocess development, and routine industrial protein/enzyme manufacturing and fermentation services.


In addition, we sell and distribute our enzymes like lipases, phospholipases, nitrile hydratases, beta-lactamases, catalases, peroxidases, amidases, etc., which are available from small quantities in screening kits up to industrial scale/bulk.  The enzymes show superior activity in multiple applications, such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) production, chiral syntheses, environmental monitoring in the manufacture of beta-lactam antibiotics, etc.



M bioserviceS work with companies manufacturing, using and handling animal, human and plant derived materials. We support customers along the entire Supply Chain and offer a variety of services such as: 

  1. Access to new raw materials sources worldwide 
  2. Supply of rare biological products (animal, human and plant based products such as: defibrinated blood, plasma, serum, albumin, globulin, erythrocytes, other blood fractions, enzymes, tissues and organs collected and processed according to the customer’s requirements, plant derived chemicals or other ingredients)
  3. Entry into new markets
  4. Individually designed transport logistics concept
  5. Regulatory support in import, export and registration matters
  6. Tailored solutions for product and business development


  • We answer questions like:
    -  WHERE   do I find biologic raw materials for my production?
    -  WHAT   do I know about the source and the manufacturer?
    -  HOW   do I recognize good quality?
    -  WHO   helps with import, export or registration?



In the post-COVID situation biological raw materials have become very scarce. Thanks to our services companies avoid production stops and save time and resources. We have experience on the Japanese market and also work with local partners who can facilitate the importation procedures whenever needed.

Our service is unique as we work directly with raw material manufacturers worldwide and can deliver directly to Japan from many parts of the world.

Between 2017 and 2021 M bioserviceS and Biophyll jointly developed a technology for obtaining high-purity bovine hemoglobin with the capacity to bind and transport oxygen to tissues and cell cultures. The manufacturing technology is registered under the brand name Actohem ® ( and its result is a hemoglobin complex characterized by a high oxygen carrying capacity, purity, safety and functionality. The development of this manufacturing technology has been funded by the European Union in the frame of the program EUROSTARS and by the program ZIM funded by the German Ministry of Economics.



M bioserviceS have been founded in 2013 by Maria Seriakov who brought a 20+ years of experience in the international market for biological raw materials.

We work very closely with our German partner Biophyll GmbH who are also experts in the field and also have dedicated warehouses and a team of scientists in Biotech. We also operate with trusted raw materials manufacturers and dedicated service providers for transportation logistics.



  1. We are looking for companies who need specific oxygen carriers or companies interested in adopting the specific technology in their manufacturing environment – in the form of a technical cooperation, commercial or license agreements.
  2. We are also looking for Japanese companies that need a better support in the field of biological raw material sourcing, management and supply. 

Michor Consulting and Trade Services GmbH


At Michor Consulting our mission is to provide the highest quality services for our clients at the right time. Regulatory strategy, regulatory compliance and life cycle management are of vital importance. to a successful business. At Michor Consulting we believe in a cradle to grave approach.

Michor Consulting was founded in 2008, established a sister company in Swiss in 2013 and expanded with new licenses to the current portfolio in 2013.



  • Trade authorizations
    License for the wholesale, rent and manufacturing of medical devices
    Trade and wholesale of trade of pharmaceuticals, food supplements, narcotics and cosmetics
    Can act as European Authorized Representative (EAR) for CE marked medical devices or Marketing authorization holder for Pharmaceuticals in EU
  • CE marking, technical file construction and review, vigilance reporting, due diligence
  • Food supplements: evaluating list of ingredients, label checking, local requirements, market entry strategy, contact to local authorities
  • Consulting: ISO 13485, ISO 14971, HACCP, SOPs
  • Business development: interim, change, turn-around management, due diligence for M&A etc.
  • Trainings: for med. devices, pharmacovigilance, SOPs QM, risk management



Dr. Salma Michor

CEO & Principal Consultant

Michor Consulting and Trade Services GmbH

Schoenbrunnerstrasse 238/2/6,

A-1120 Vienna, Austria

T   +43 (1) 9521662

Mobile   +43 (0) 6991 9521662





  • direct customers in Japan
  • Japanese companies interested entering the European market
  • companies in the fields of medical devices, supplements, pharmaceuticals

SteadySense GmbH


Based on the sensor patch there are two main applications:

1.   femSense fertility tracking

In this application the sensor detects a woman's ovulation, and the accompanying mobile app displays the fertile days. The women can use the information to increase the likelihood of pregnancy if she wants to have children or to just track her fertility.

USP: This so-called temperature method has been known for almost 100 years, the innovation of the product is the massive increase in reliability due to continuous temperature measurements because temperature curves, rather than a single measurement point per day, are compared to detect the basal temperature increase (see: The product is very easy to use, skin friendly and hormone free.

2.   SteadyTemp continuous temperature measurement

The same temperature sensor has an approval as a medical thermometer which measures the body temperature every few minutes. This allows the user's body temperature to be continuously monitored and displayed as a temperature curve on a smartphone or other mobile device for further diagnoses by the user od doctors.

USP: Temperature curves can be an excellent base and early indicator for infections e.g. Covid-19 or any other disease (see: The product is very easy to use, skin friendly and comfortable.


Industry Tags:

Medical Devices, Digital Health, Health Care, Covid 


Statement displayed on the booth:

The revolution of Body Temperature Measurement:

•           Continuously

•           Comfortable

•           Skin friendly

•           Hygienic


SteadySense is specialized in research, development, and sales of reliable, easy to use medical devices with the mission to make daily life easier.

SteadySense developed an intelligent temperature sensor which is integrated into a patch. This sensor patch measures the user's body temperature every few minutes and is placed under the arm and can be worn up to 7 days. The temperature values are stored in the sensor and transferred to a smartphone using NFC communication.

Cor competences of the company is hard- and software development as well as application know-how for its medical products.


SteadySense GmbH

Kärntner Straße 518

A-8054 Seiersberg-Pirka

T   +43 316 242004

F   +43 316 24200444



Local Representative:


Mr. Katsuro Ishizaki

377-4 Numata

Minamiashigara Kanagawa 250-0115

T   +81 465 20 9815

F   +81 465 20 9815



Both products listed above are medical devices and CE certified according to the European Medical Device Regulations and we are in the process to get the Japanese medical certification within the next few months. APRAS CO.LTD is or Japanese license holder.

For the sales and distribution in Japan we are looking for:

  • Wholesales and distribution partners, selling the products to the end user as well as to retail stores
  • System integrators who are able to integrate our SteadyTemp system into a professional HIS environment (hospital information system or care center information system)
  • System integrators who are able to integrate our SteadyTemp system into mobile health applications e.g. Covid-19 quarantine monitoring
  • OEMs which are interested to add our products to their portfolio, potentially even to sell the products under their own brand name
  • End user (health authorities, hospitals, Covid appointees)



ViruSure is an Austrian company specialising in the virus and prion safety testing of biopharmaceutical products. Since 2019, ViruSure has been part of Asahi Kasei BioProcess, a global leader in the biotech market.

The company boasts a wealth of experience in various aspects of biosafety testing, and offers high quality and cost effective contract testing specifically tailored to meet the need of each product. Both our in vitro and in vivo facilities are certified to GLP/GMP standards to ensure a high standard for all our testing. Our customer service is second to none and we work together closely with all our customers to develop the best testing strategy for their product. Our reports have been submitted and accepted by regulatory authorities worldwide, including EMEA, PEI, AFSAPPS, FDA, KFDA, JMLHW and the TGA. 


Our services include:

  • Virus clearance studies (using either infectivity or qPCR test systems)
  • Prion clearance studies (via Western blot or bioassay titration)
  • In vitro and in vivo adventitious agent testing
  • Retrovirus testing (cell culture and molecular biology)
  • PCR testing for virus contaminants, Mycobacteria and Mycoplasma
  • Sequencing services
  • Tumorigenicity and oncogenicity testing
  • Cell banking and virus banking
  • Cell bank characterisation
  • Virus seed characterisation
  • GMP cell and virus storage
  • Bio-distribution studies
  • Virus inhibition/interference tests (testing of antiviral substances)
  • Virus safety assessments (consultancy services) 



ViruSure GmbH
Donau-City-Straße 1, A-1220
Vienna, Austria

T   +43-(0)1-269-9120
F   +43-(0)1-269-912-022



INA Research Inc.
Sotokanda Chiyoda Bldg, 6-16-9 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0021

T   +81-3-5846-3525
F   +81-3-5846-3526



ViruSure counts with an international team of more than 60 experts in the field of biosafety testing.    


ViruSure is interested in meeting clients in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry (e.g. pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies, CMOs and CDMOs) developing and/or manufacturing biological products such as:

  • Antibodies
  • Recombinant proteins
  • Vaccines
  • Viral vectors
  • ATMPs (Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy, Tissue Engineering)
  • Animal-derived and blood products



  • Engineering Services Basic - Concept Detailed Design
  • Smart Engineering Services – Digitalization, Industry 4.0
  • HVAC and Cleanroom Design
  • Bioreactors and Fermentation Systems
  • Automation for Liquid Aseptic Production Processes
  • Downstream Systems
  • Preparation Systems
  • Clean Media Systems
  • Processing Systems for the Food Industry
  • Magnetic Agitators
  • Decarbonisation Support
  • EPCM


Industry Category

  • Energy efficiency /Green Building
  • Engineering
  • Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical Technologies & Laboratory Equipment
  • Plant Engineering & Construction/Smart Factory


The ZETA Group, with 800 highly qualified employees and 13 subsidiaries worldwide, specializes in planning, automation, digitization and maintenance of customized biopharmaceutical facilities for aseptic process solutions. ZETA acts as a one-stop shop, combining plant engineering with HVAC and cleanroom design.

Biopharmaceutical active ingredients, such as anti-cancer drugs, insulin, vaccines and infusions are produced in these highly complex, "tailor-made" facilities. ZETA supports its customers along the entire drug development and manufacturing pathway with sophisticated solutions from laboratory to industrial production scale. Through its Smart Engineering Services, ZETA creates digital twins of process plants and has thus established itself as a market leader for digital solutions in the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.


CONTACT DATA – headquarters:


Zetaplatz 1

A-8501 Lieboch/Graz

T   +43 3136 9010-1000

F   +43 3136 9010-9100




Contact for Business in Japan: Mr. Alexander LAUSECKER

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