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Build it! Opportunities in the Kenyan construction industry

26. February 2020 - 28. February 2020

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26. February 2020 - 28. February 2020B.12;B.45;B.54;B.31Build it! Opportunities in the Kenyan construction industry

Kenya is one of the largest and fastest growing economies in sub-Saharan Africa. There is currently a real construction boom, as the government is investing more in the expansion of the road and rail networks and port facilities.

 Additionally, due to the boom, new residential complexes are being built for the population. With the support of the World Bank, a $ 330 million transportation system is to be implemented in Nairobi. The plan includes an expansion of the main Uhuru Highway transit road and the introduction of an express bus and urban rail system. Therefore this Economic mission to Kenya offers opportunities for Austrian companies.

The population growth and the associated urbanization represent a great opportunity for the real estate industry. Due to the rural exodus, the population of Nairobi has doubled in the last 15 years, but the available apartments in the capital are not sufficient. The demand for modern office space is equally surging due to the increasing presence of western investors. It is also expected that more shopping centers will be built in cities like Mombasa, Kisumu or Nakuru in the future. There is also an increasing demand for business parks.

There are business opportunities for Austrian companies in the area in reference to the:

  • The modernization of slums and informal settlements
  • urban renewal 
  • The construction of medium and low dwelling houses as well
  • for hotel and retail construction projects.
  • There is a need for construction machinery and various building materials. These include heavy construction equipment and special machines for civil engineering and hydraulic engineering, pipe systems and electrical systems, construction chemicals, prefabricated components as well as water technology and wastewater treatment systems.

Kenya is thus one of the most significant countries in Sub Sahara Africa with vibrant potential.

Karibu Kenya! Welcome to Kenya!