Europe’s largest long distance heating pipeline is being built with pipes from Austria

WarmtelinQ will link the port of Rotterdam and the Hague, and the pre-fabricated pipe sections being used have been supplied by isoplus.

© Wegerer, isoplus
© Wegerer, isoplus

The largest long distance heating system in Europe is currently under construction in the Netherlands. WarmtelinQ is set to route residual heat from the port of Rotterdam to the South Holland region, providing some 120,000 local households with energy.

State-owned Gasunie is investing in the project, and the largest Dutch gas provider is shifting its business interests by backing long distance heating pipelines over gas. WarmtelinQ represents another step towards climate neutrality, with annual savings of 200,000 tons of CO2 emissions anticipated.

The pipes for this beacon project are being supplied by isoplus. This Austrian firm is a leading supplier of pre-insulated piping systems and this project has only burnished its reputation; the pipeline has to run beneath the Nieuwe Maas river at one point, for example, which presents particular challenges for the pipe insulation.

A pipeline stretching a total of 46 kilometres is being manufactured, and even the logistics are saving CO2. Over 300 railway wagonloads are being sent from the factory in Austria to Rotterdam. The long distance pipeline is then assembled and welded on-site, the seams are insulated and the pipe is laid.

WarmtelinQ is scheduled to begin operation in 2023. In light of the current situation, Gasunie is now also constructing a floating LNG terminal in Eemshaven (Groningen) that is set to be completed in the coming winter with a view to reducing dependence on Russian gas. Pipes that isoplus has already supplied for WarmetlinQ are currently in use here too.