Development Co-operation

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Austria's development politics are an integral part of a foreign policy focused on security and stability. Poverty, violence and environmental destruction do not stop at a country's borders. Water and electricity supplies are the basics for any progress, education opens up new perspectives and building up democratic structures brings about stability.

The main aims of development co-operation are to reduce the inequality between the rich and the poor, safeguard peace and security and protect the environment. The Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) is responsible for the co-ordination of Austrian development policy.

The aims of Austrian development policy are laid out annually in a 3-year programme, which is approved by the Council of Ministers. The 3-year programme 2019-2021 also contains particulars on the quantity and quality of Austrian development co-operation.


Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) concentrates currently on the following key regions: West Africa and the Sahel, East Africa und the Horn of Africa, Southern Africa, Himalayas-Hindu Kush Region, Palestinian Territories, the Western Balkans and South Caucasus.

The Austrian Development Cooperation (ADC)  develops strategies and programmes. The Austrian Development Agency (ADA) is responsible for implementing all bilateral programmes and projects in the partner countries of ADC. The ADA controls the budget with which the ACD bilateral programmes are implemented. The ADA works closely with non-governmental organisations and private business.

Austrian Research Foundation for International Development

The Austrian Research Foundation for International Development (ÖFSE) is an information service for questions about developing countries, development co-operation and development policy.

The scientific department of the ÖFSE provides information, analyses and advice on the following topics:

  • Austrian Development Co-operation and Development Policy
  • International Development and Economic Policy
  • Education co-operation
  • Education and sustainable development and
  • Strategies for reducing poverty.

The ÖFSE offers a comprehensive information service on Austrian and international development policy . Through their database (German only) you can access information about projects and programmes, scientific literature and media, as well as data on key organisations.

ADC’s priority programme Private Sector and Development makes use of potential synergies between private businesses and official development cooperation to benefit both enterprises and the local population.

Support and Advice for Companies

In cooperation with the Development Bank of Austria, the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) offers financial support for innovative project ideas in developing and emerging countries on the basis of business partnerships.

Business partnerships combine entrepreneurial spirit and sustainable business ideas with the experience of development cooperation. Hereby they jointly generate a win-win situation for all sides by improving the living conditions for the local population as well as lowering the risk for the companies at the same time.

In addition, the ADA offers:

  • Advice and intermediation from experts
  • Advice on submission of project proposals for business partnerships
  • Project support and monitoring

Last update : 25. September 2020