Key Sectors

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The Austrian economy is dominated by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Have a quick look at the most important sectors and the key regional sectors of the Austrian economy.

Industrial sectors

The most important industrial sectors in Austria are: 

  • Food and Drink industry 
  • Mechanical and Steel Engineering
  • Chemical and Automotive industry
  • Electrics and Electronics industry and
  • Wood, Pulp and Paper industry. 

The majority of Austrian goods exports come from these industrial sectors.

Key regional sectors

The key economic sectors for each region:

Upper Austria:Iron, steel, chemical and mechanical engineering.
Salzburg:Electrics, wood and paper, national services in wholesale and transport.
Vorarlberg:Textilies, clothing.
Carinthia:Wood, pulp and paper industry.
Styria:Automobiles, iron and steel, manufacturing.
Tyrol:Glass, Wood.
Vienna:Financial Services.


Tourism plays an extremely important economic role in Austria. In 2017 around 20.80 million foreign visitors came to Austria, with almost 110.38 million overnight stays (3/4 of the total overnight stays), in total there were almost 149.75 million overnight stays.

The majority of visitors come from: 

  • Germany
  • The Netherlands
  • Switzerland and Liechtenstein 
  • United Kingdom
  • Czech Republic

Last update : 30.10.2020