High-tech tunnel equipment made in Austria

Austria’s JES Elektrotechnik GmbH recently completed two prestigious contracts in the Nordics and equipped two tunnels, the Marieholm Tunnel in Gothenburg/Sweden and the Mælefjell Tunnel in Telemark/Norway, with their innovative safety products.

© JES Elektrotechnik
© JES Elektrotechnik

The Marieholm Tunnel has a length of approximately 500 m. It was built as a 300 m long immersed tube tunnel joined by two 100 m long cut-and-cover tunnels on either side of the Göta Elv. The new tunnel was completed and opened for traffic in December 2020. The Mariehholm Tunnel relieves pressure from the congested Tingsta Tunnel and improves the connection between the port of Gothenburg and the industrial area of Hisingen. JES was commissioned by STRABAG Sverige AB to supply a system for monitoring the air in the tunnel. As part of the project, 6 t/ECS-A NO2 sensors and 6 t/FL-US air flow measurement devices were installed. 

JES is not the only Austrian company providing technology for this tunnel. While Thorn of Zumtobel Group supplied the advanced fixtures, STRABAG Infrastructure & Safety Solutions was in charge of the intricate installations (more information here). 

The 9,355 m long Mælefjell Tunnel in Telemark is a road tunnel on the E134 route between Århus in Seljord municipality and Gvammen in Hjartdal municipality in the Norwegian Telemark region. It is the seventh longest tunnel in the country and opened for traffic in 2019. JES’ Norwegian distributor HOUM AS was chosen to equip the Mælefjell Tunnel with sensors from JES. Luminance meters t/LUM and gas sensors t/ECS-A for CO and NO2 were installed, strengthening the position of JES in Norway. 

JES Elektrotechnik is another great example of the depth and breadth of know-how and expertise Austrian companies have in the construction sector.