Gebrüder Weiss looks back on a history of more than half a millennium in which the company has also opened up markets outside its home market, the Alps-Danube region. Today, the company transports cargo of all kinds to land, sea, rail or air, on, to and from any continent. In addition, experts develop industry and customer-specific transport and logistics solutions that enable seamless gearing of production, business and transport processes. They increase efficiency, reduce costs for their customers and thus give them a decisive competitive advantage - made possible by the company strategy, the years of experience and a strong team. The portfolio in Georgia includes land, air, rail and maritime transport, logistics solutions, project operations, customs clearance and warehousing services. Ten to 15 times a week Gebrüder Weiss transports products from Europe to Georgia and on to Armenia and Azerbaijan. Since entering the market in Georgia in 2013, the volume of shipments has increased by around 20 percent annually, which is why the Tbilisi branch was expanded in 2018 and additional employees were hired. On 15 March 2019, the new logistics terminal of Gebrüder Weiss was officially opened in Tbilisi. The state-of-the-art logistics facility is an extension of the existing site and additionally comprises 2,300 m2 of handling, 7,800 m2 of fixed exterior space and 300 m2 of office space. The entire area of the site has an area of 90,000 m2.