Austria is an attractive destination

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Austria is a major economic location in the heart of Europe and is an attractive destination for companies and professionals from all around the world.

When compared to other EU countries or considered globally, Austria is one of the richest and most developed national economies. More than 300 international companies use Austria as a base for their European headquarters or their European production.

With its economic prosperity, a well-developed health care system, the internationally renowned education system, stability and security, Austria offers its inhabitants a particularly high standard of living. Vienna, the capital city, has been repeatedly ranked in the Mercer-Quality of Life-Index as the city offering the highest quality of life in the world.

As well as a stable economic environment, Austria also offers excellent living conditions. This includes a pleasant, geographical location thanks to its moderate climate as well as a wide range of leisure activities. Whether you are interested in art and culture, sports or gastronomy, Austria has something for everyone.

As a modern industrial nation, Austria is characterised by dynamic and highly diversified foreign trade. Austrian companies have established international networks and their products and services are successful around the world.

Furthermore, the country is a TOP location for innovation: Outstanding achievements in research and development strengthen the competitiveness of the Austrian economy both nationally and abroad.

Austria not only promises an exceptional standard of living, it also offers many interesting job opportunities for international talent. A strong export industry, numerous international companies and organisations, over 400 market leaders and an innovative research scene all combine to offer attractive career prospects for talented international individuals.

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