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Energy Globes presented to the best solutions for our environment

The world’s best environmental projects have been acknowledged with an Energy Globe World Award for Sustainability at a gala in Vienna.

Watch out: there are phishing emails about!

Fraudsters and scammers are pretending to be ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA or Austrian Embassy staff.

Austria’s employees have proved second to none at the professional world championships

Team Austria has netted a flurry of medals at the WorldSkills 2022 championship, once again proving the mettle of Austria’s vocational training.

CIMIx – Creative Industries Meet Industry 2023 – the AV Edition, Vienna, 12 and 13 January 2023

CIMIx is the first global conference to bring the creative industry, the industrial sector and other stakeholders together, and this inaugural outing is dedicated to the film, TV and creative sectors.

Digitalised, automated, online – the way forward for the factory of tomorrow

Intelligent solutions from Austria are facilitating the global movement towards the ‘smart factory’.

Making use of every part of organic waste with Livin Farms

A living circular economy: biological waste is being converted into valuable ingredients for foodstuffs using technology from this Austrian firm.

usePAT: hunting microplastics in liquids with ultrasound

The Austrian firm’s technology uses ultrasound fields to measure and check particles in liquids.

Electromobility is becoming more sustainable thanks to AVILOO’s battery tester

The Austrian start-up has developed a diagnostic tool for electric vehicle batteries. Analysing battery data can help extend their life cycle.

Anton Zeilinger has won the Nobel Prize in Physics 2022

The Austrian scientist has been recognised for his research in the field of quantum physics.

A strong Team Austria is entering the 46th WorldSkills Competition

45 Austrian competitors from 39 professions will be testing their mettle at the WorldSkills 2022 tournament.