• Virtual Austria Showcase
    New Delhi, Mumbai

On 25. and 26. March 2021 Advantage Austria New Delhi and Mumbai organize a virtual Austria Showcase Smart Cities India. During this mission Austrian companies will present their expertise and solutions for smart cities and urban technologies. Furthermore, there will be information exchange and roundtable discussion with Invest India, Assocham, Smart City Ahmedabad, Pune Municipal Corporation and Vishvaraj Environment.

According to the 2017-18 Economic Survey, India will need EUR 4.1 trillion in infrastructure investments by 2040. The majority of this is going to be in urban areas, where 40% of the Indian population - 600 million people - will live in the next 10 years.


As per the government sources, India requires 700-900 million square meters of residential and commercial space to be constructed every year for the next 10 years to accommodate these 600 million urban population. In that context, India's Smart Cities Mission has an enormous significance for the Country’s future.


In the 2015 Smart Cities Mission, 100 Indian cities were selected for project-based funding. The mission includes assured water and electricity supplies, efficient sanitation, solid waste management and public transport, adequate healthcare and education facilities and affordable housing. Beyond these basic requirements, such cities must also offer robust information technology connectivity, which will allow citizen participation in community matters and improved local governance.  The consulting company Deloitte estimates the investment potential at EUR 137.11 billion in the segment.


Here is the status of some of the projects under this mission (2019-20):


Smart Command & Control Centres - 45 completed so far

Smart Solar - 40 completed

Smart Water - 77 completed

Smart Roads - 149 completed


Meet 6 Austrian companies

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