The Future of Money in India

  • Digital Event
    INDIA, New Delhi
The use of crypto currency, fintech and digital payments in India

What does the future hold? 

Digital currencies. Cryptos, stable coins and central bank digital currencies are grabbing eyeballs and headlines all over the world. As of September 2021, the total market value of all crypto assets has surpassed USD 2 trillion, signifying a ten-fold increase since early 2020.

The rise of virtual currencies has been accompanied by the emergence of an entire ecosystem - exchanges, wallets, miners and issuers - posing a challenge to countries across the world. 

As crypto assets become more mainstream, their importance in terms of potential implications for the wider economy is bound to increase.

What are the risks, the opportunities, the merits and demerits of virtual currencies and the path-breaking block chain technology underlying these currencies? The lively discussion in this webinar and the Q&A that follows will strive to de-mystify all this and more.

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