Austrian Start-ups and Innovators Interested in Asia

Feedback and potential Partners wanted.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong has had the pleasure to work with quite a number of Austrian startups and innovators interested in feedback about their products and solutions and in potential partnerships. Please feel free to reach out to the listed innovators directly or contact us at ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong (Ms. Dorathy Lee, T +852 2522 2388, hongkong@advantageaustria.org). More startups to come…

Big Data/B2B
Insider Navigation – Indoor navigation for any device with a camera
The MoonVision   – Deep Learning based visual inspection for difficult quality assurance tasks
The Ventury  – Lean & hands-on services in innovation management, data & software engineering and growth marketing

Emotics – ID verification and engagement analytics for e-learning
KinderKnigge – A Learning App with wide range of social skills products for kids
Robo Wunderkind  – Award-winning robotics kits empower kids play, learn, and create with tech

360Kompany – Global RegTech platform for global business verification and Business KYC
ALVARIA FinTac GmbH – FinTech/WealthTech startup forautomated, mobiles and global risk management for all relevant markets
Bitpanda – Trading platform for cryptocurrencies
Black Manta Capital Partners  – One-stop-agency for all technical, financial, and legal aspects of Tokenization
Blockpit – Tax calculation and portfolio tracking for cryptocurrencies
Conda – Crowdinvesting platform which brings entrepreneurs and investors together   
Findustrial GmbH - Pay-per-use financing solutions for industry and offers them on a digital matching platform.
Finno Consult  – Fintech consulting agency for bringing digital innovation and transformation into the financial sector
IXOLIT – Globally active software enterprise focusing on eCommerce and digital payments
MeetFox - financial advisors manage, monetize and digitize client interaction
money4you.financial – Innovative crowdfunding platform with an alternative financial ecosystem
Netinsurer – Advisory software for all insurance distribution channels and digital distribution solutions
Prewave – Advanced & cutting-edge machine learning research
Segurio – Online insurance for valuable objects 
STORM Hedge Solutions  – Self-learning, self-calibrating, self-optimising and multi-variate system for Systematic Tactical Overlay Risk Management
Tokenization Limited  – Globalized decentralized technology and blockchain advisory and consulting syndicate
Web Value GmbH - Valutico is an integrated valuation solution that reduces the time it takes to do a valuation from days to minutes
youniqx Identity – Security solutions for sellers and traders of cryptocurrencies and values

Livin Studio – Pioneer tech company in the alternative protein sector

Emporia Telecom  – Leading suppliers of mobile phones for people whose main priority is ease-of-use, and who are not interested in multimedia applications or complex menu navigation
ENPULSION – Leading electric propulsion systems for nano- and micro satellites
Lumapod – Ultra-compact and lightweight tripod solution
VIITA Watches – Smart watch with classic design and health features
WUGGL – Mobile measuring device to determine the weight of pigs and animals in livestock farming

Health Tech/Fitness
Andmetics - New generation of hair-removal products that will always bring client face and body into the perfect shape. 
AR-Water tec e.U - Experimental development of innovative, sustainable, environmentally friendly, CO²-neutral, water treatment technologies.
Aurox   – Novel wearables that apply thermoelectric cooling to certain areas on the body
Carbomed Medical Solutions – Device to track cycle naturally and discover when client are are ready to conceive
Contexflow - AI-based image recognition technology to improve outcomes in radiology 
Cybershoes GmbH - Affordable VR accessory that adds layers of immersion to VR experience by letting players control their movement by actually using their legs, feet.
Dr. Owl Nutrihealth - Health drinks with the most innovative dosage form for OTC-supplements.
HappyMed – Drug-free and easy-to-use video glasses proven to reduce patient fear and anxiety
Helioz - Social Enterprise active in the field of water disinfection and development of climate projects.
Hookipa Pharma Inc - Clinical stage company developing products to prevent and cure infectious diseases and cancer. 
IB Lab GmbH - One of the first providers in the field of machine support for physicians in diagnosing with artificial intelligence
Image biopsy Lab – Applying machine learning for an x-ray-based prediction and classification of osteoarthritis
Insta Communications GmbH - online psychological counseling platform, delivering services to clients by experienced psychologists
Macro Array Diagnostics  – Novel allergy test in one single blood sample
Medicus AI – AI based platform that explains and interprets blood tests and medical reports to provide personalized health tips
myBioma GmbH - Advanced gut microbiome diagnostics publicly available by providing self-tests based on stool probes
Pacemaker Technologies GmbH - Advanced and robust sensor systems for analyzing running and gait behavior and for measuring performance while running
PhagoMed Biopharma GmbH - Phage-based drugs are humanities best bet for developing the next generation of anti-bacterials
Pillbase GmbH - Stable hard case for tablet blisters and small utensils. This smart travel product saves you from losing storage spaces through pill boxes.
Platomics GmbH - Marketplace for Personalized Medicine
Reha Buddy - reha buddy improves process and outcome of physical rehabilitation for both patients and therapists
Snore Free – Anti-snore training apps based on simple speech therapy exercises 

Smart Mobility
Galler International Consulting – Personal rapid transportation system by Sky Web Express
V REX   – A new concept for sailing vessels, taking high velocity sailing to a new level

Artivive – Augmented reality platform for art, allows to create new dimensions of art by linking classical art with digital art.
Giggle  – Experience cloud for luxury hotels and resorts
OROUNDO Mobile –  Smart trending solution platform for culture and tourism
Shot Tracer   – App will trace your golf ball flight from the beginning until the end
ummadum Service GmbH - New type of mobility platform to motivate people to drive together, especially during peak hours.