UNIHA WASSERTECHNOLOGIE - opening of Kirama Turn-Key Water Treatment Project in sri lanka

Prime Minister said that there had never been an era in Sri Lanka before now when the whole country was developed equally and not just one area.
Prime Minister made this observation at the opening of the Kirama - Katuwana Water Supply Scheme constructed Bus Stand to the public.

The Kirama-Katuwana Water Supply Scheme has been constructed by UNIHA Wasser Technologie for the National Water Supply and Drainage Board with the funds of the Government of Austria and the Government of Sri Lanka under the program of providing clean drinking water to all.

This project will provide clean drinking water to 34 Grama Niladhari Divisions.

Steps have been taken to obtain water from the Kirama Reservoir in Warapitiya and construct a new water treatment plant at Welandagoda to provide clean drinking water to about 26,000 residents in the area. The water carried by 24 km long water pipes along the Walasmulla, Kirama, Katuwana and Middeniya roads provide clean drinking water to a greater extent.

The implementation of the works started in the year 2019.

UNIHA Wassertechnologie - Opening of Kirama Turn-Key Water Treatment Plant, Sri Lanka
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