Salzburg Europe Summit 2021: Europa and Peace - The Comeback of Europe, in Salzburg, Austria, 26-28 September 2021 

After eighteen months of pandemic, with all the severe consequences it has had for the countries of  Europe, it is absolutely essential to take the right steps towards a comeback, a rebuilding and, in some respects, even a new start for Europe – and this is precisely the aim of this year’s conference.

© Institut der Regionen Europas
© Institut der Regionen Europas

The Institute of the Regions of Europe (IRE)’s campaign to support regions and communes throughout all of Europe has enjoyed great success over many years, and this year’s Salzburg Europe Summit will be the 17th to be held.

As every year, important questions will be posed and discussed:

  • Have the EU and the Western Balkans reached an impasse?
  • What effect has the crisis had on democracy and freedom?
  • Can the European economy rally?
  • Can we “make peace with Nature” with the Green Deal?
  • Will the rural exodus be followed by urban exodus?
  • Are mobility and tourism possible in a Europe with borders? 

Top-flight representatives of the worlds of science, politics, diplomacy and business will be discussing these topics in six panel events in which the conference will try to help work through the issues and propose solutions.

The event will comply with current health and safety regulations and the conference languages will be German, English, Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin and Russian.

Further information about the conference, including the program and registration and hotel reservation forms, is available from the Salzburg Europe Summit 2021 website.