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When considering working in Austria, numerous questions are bound to arise which go far beyond the issue of work and concern issues such as living, health, social security and other considerations. On the following pages you will find useful tips, contacts and links which should help you find answers to these important questions.


The medical care in Austria is excellent. The Austrian health care system is one of the best in the world.
This will give you an overview of Austrian health insurance, including compulsory insurance, co-insurance for family members and health care services in Austria. Austrian social security offers detailed information on healthcare, health insurance benefits and services.

Labour Market

What is the labour market situation in Austria and how high are the wages and salaries? What are the most common forms of work, what rights and obligations do workers have and what is meant by social partnership.

Find information on the labour market, labour law, forms of employment, wages and salaries or holiday leave.

The EURES website of the European Job Mobility Portal will inform you about job vacancies in the whole of the European Union. A list of recruitment agencies and job portals in Austria can be found on the website of the Public Employment Service AMS, the central contact point for job seekers in Austria (only available in German).

Language – Learning German

The multilingual language portal offers a wide range of online German courses for beginners and advanced learners who want to improve their German. Learning and exercising material is available free of charge. Furthermore you can find there contact details of all certified providers of German language courses in Austria and many other countries worldwide.

Education and further training

Austria has a world-renowned educational system, which is characterised by close cooperation between industry and education. In addition to the offers of the traditional Austrian educational system, there is also a range of international schools where classes are taught in additional languages.

Recognition of education and professional qualification

Formal recognition of professional qualifications and education attained abroad such as school leaving certificates and degrees can increase your chances within the job market. At you can determine the relevant contact point for recognition of your professional and educational qualifications in just a few steps.

ENIC NARIC AUSTRIA is the official contact point for all cross-border recognition issues relating to higher education and is responsible for the international recognition of academic degrees and titles.

All the foreign income of natural persons who are resident or who are ordinarily resident in Austria is subject to Austrian income tax.

The Federal Ministry of Finance provides detailed information about the Austrian tax system in general and the taxation of employees in particular. The existing double taxation agreements could also be relevant to you!


How expensive is it to live in Austria and how do I find accommodation? In international comparison, Austria stands out with its good cost-benefit ratio as regards living. Here you can find information and further links about looking for accommodation, rent and ownership and registration obligations.

Administrative processes in Austria , an internet platform provided by the Austrian authorities, will support you with administrative processes in Austria.

The Expat Center helps foreign employees and their families in the preparation stage and after arriving in Austria with initial information, contacts for authorities and individual advice about the topic of living and working in Austria. They also often organise opportunities to network with the international community.

Expat Center Vienna

The Expat Center serves as a first point of contact for international key workers such as managers, entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists and diplomats. It acts as a “one-stop-shop”, providing expatriates and their family members with free initial information and individually tailored advice for all concerns of daily life. The Center organises workshops and events which should help with the first steps in your new home. Another focal point is networking with the Viennese people and the Expat-community itself.

CINT Club International - Center of excellence and service for expatriates and their families

CINT supports expatriates in CINT member companies in Styria in the various phases of “arrival”. Professionals and key workers of member companies receive services in the areas of language, housing, health, education, administration, social networking, leisure, and culture from CINT.

Welcome2Upper Austria Service Centre - an institution of Upper Austria Technology and Marketing company

The Welcome2Upper Austria Service Centre supports international workers and their families in Upper Austria with individual and tailored advice in the areas of residence and work permits, education, settling-in services (home purchase, banking, language competency, etc.). The Service Centre organises workshops, events and regular expatriate meetings and offers intercultural advice.

Carinthian International Club (CIC)

The Carinthian International Club helps qualified foreign employees within industry and educational institutions with information, services and an active network regarding immigration to Carinthia. The services include info welcome packages, networking meetings with the possibility to contact other expatriates, leisure activities and language swapping, so that you can learn the German language through an exchange with local residents in various languages.


Last update : 2023-02-20