Coronavirus: Austria in lockdown

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The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic has also taken a firm hold of Austria, even though the country survived the crisis in the spring far better than many other economies. The federal government has nonetheless announced a second lockdown with immediate effect (until 6 December).

This is intended to both relieve the burden on the healthcare system and to protect the population, but it will hit the Austrian economy with full force; every Austrian is thus called upon to take precautions against the Coronavirus to keep the repercussions for those firms affected as minimal as possible. Targeted support schemes to mitigate prospective economic damage are available.

During lockdown, there are strict, all-day regulations about leaving your house, and leisure facilities, gastronomic outlets and cultural venues have been closed; hotels are open only to business travellers. Events are similarly banned and entering retailers’ or service providers’ commercial premises to acquire goods or take advantage of personal services is not permitted. Professional activities should be carried out primarily in home offices.

All other services are permitted, however, as are deliveries. Firms engaged in manufacturing or providing critical infrastructure and/or essential services will continue to operate during the crisis to keep the country, supply chains and production running.

All these radical steps have been taken in order to regain control of the healthcare ramifications of COVID-19 without delay and to enable a rapid resurgence of the Austrian economy once the pandemic has been overcome.

You too can get a sense of the economic, social and healthcare situation in Austria and the resilience of its companies in times of crisis – more information about developments and cooperation opportunities is available from your local ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA team.