Legal news during martial law

Due to the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine on February 24, 2022, martial law was imposed on the entire territory of Ukraine, which is currently extended for 90 days – from  August 23, 2022 until November 21, 2022.

In our publication you will find the information about labor relations during martial law, about the main changes in Ukrainian tax legislation, about legislative restrictions on companies owned by russian citizens or legal entities and other current legal issues

(Updated: 16.08.2022)


Arzinger shares with us informational material about information on the work during martial law, as well as advice to employers on the further work of mobilized and other employees. 


Due to imposition of martial law in Ukraine, several the Ukrainian parliament adopted several legal amendments on taxes. German Desk Grant Thornton shares with us informational material about the main changes in Ukrainian tax legislation.


Arzinger informs us about legislative restrictions on companies owned by russian citizens or legal entities. Is the risk of nationalization relevant for such companies and are there any other restrictions over their activity? Check it out in the legal alert from the Arzinger’s experts.


The war of russia against Ukraine has already caused Ukraine $120 billion in losses, and 50% of businesses have lost the opportunity to fully operate. What should businesses do whose business processes have been destroyed by the actions of the aggressor state?
The recommendations laid in the information material of Arzinger shall help to document the losses of business (real damages, lost profit, other damages) caused as a result of the military invasion of the rf in Ukraine for their further compensation in judicial or any other proceedings.


On 24 February 2022 the National Bank of Ukraine has adopted Regulation No.18 (the "Regulation") setting some restrictions to support the financial, banking and currency markets during the period of martial law. Intergrites shares with us important material about currency restrictions for business HERE.


Interest-free loans for business, who can get a loan, about borrowing  and special terms during martial law informs us Intergrites HERE.



Starting from the first days of russian vile assault many of our compatriots have also faced the problem related to alienation and acquisition of real property in different corners of the country. The awaited unlocking of real estate transactions has gradually become possible by adopting amendments to some legal acts of Ukraine regarding notarization and operation of public registers maintained under martial law. More detailed info is in brief review of Ukrainian independent full-service KPD Consulting Law Firm