Austria's innovative approaches are changing the future of urban planning in Ukraine!

The Black Sea resort of Kobleve has every chance to become a magnet for health tourism.


Everyone who participated in the project "URBAN MENUS meets Kobleve" quickly agreed on one thing: the resort of Kobleve has a huge potential: seaside, estuary, vineyards, landscape park, good transport links due to its proximity to Odessa.

But how can this resort develop in the future and position itself internationally? How can you create a unique brand? These were the main issues of the project with the famous Austrian-Argentine architect Laura Spinadel, who received numerous international awards and recognitions, e.g. for the master plan of the Vienna University of Economics and Business. On March 31, the final results of the work on the project, which lasted 3 months, were presented.

The creative director and main inspirer of this project has developed an innovative web-based 3-D urban planning tool URBAN MENUS that helps to visualize dreams and scenarios, to analyze them together with relevant stakeholders and to reach a consensus on the direction in which development should go.

"I chose Ukraine for this project because I have Ukrainian roots and I believe in the great future of this country. A common dream and consensus at the beginning of the project significantly increase the chances of its realization and always lead to better results for all stakeholders! ”, - says Laura Spinadel.

Using 3D virtual reality, the URBAN MENUS tool quickly transforms future images, assessing effects in terms of resources and ecology, the needs of society and the urban environment, as well as its profitability.

The project was implemented with the support of the Commercial Section of the Embassy of Austria in Ukraine, as well as the Kobleve Village Council and the Local Development Agency of the Kobleve United Territorial Community. The project was funded by go-international program, a joint initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs (BMDW) and the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ).

After a comprehensive analysis of the status quo based on multiple criteria, evaluation of technical documentation which took into account environmental aspects, as well as interactive workshops and online discussions with business, government and residents, a common vision was reached: Kobleve will be a unique magnet for tourists, a resort that will operate year-round.

This will be facilitated by new impressive architectural highlights, a wellness center with an unforgettable panoramic view, a conference center and a medical camp for treatment and rehabilitation, where patients can relax in nature. The next features of Koblevo will be: the promenade, unique walks around the city along the thematic quarters, the culinary, artistic and local handicrafts for strolling and spending free time.

As it turned out, the future is not as far away as it seems.

The Secretary of the Kobleve Village Council, Ms. Svitlana Talokha, said during the final presentation: "How wonderful that all our dreams for a modern Kobleve are coming to life!"

"I am confident that all the seeds of innovation that Ms. Laura Spinadel has sown in Ukraine will surely grow and will not go unnoticed," said Mr. Serhiy Fedoseyev, Chairman of the Board of the Kobleve United Territorial Community Local Development Agency.

Ms. Gabriele Haselsberger, Commercial Counselor at the Austrian Embassy, ​​said: "Urban Menus is focused on the active participation of community members, setting completely new standards and approaches to urban planning and development."

In developing this project, architect Laura Spinadel and her team tried, first of all, to emphasize and preserve the unique natural features of this region and create a new brand of Kobleve resort.

During the workshops, Laura Spinadel encouraged the participants to dream together and to think about how they would like to see the modern resort of the future, 50 years from now.

We hope that with the completion of the project, work in this direction will not stop! And this will be the beginning of the transformation of Kobleve into a modern high-level resort that will attract more and more tourists.

If you are interested in cooperation, please contact Laura P. Spinadel: T +43-140387570