National Energy Globe Award ceremony in dushanbe

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Almaty honored the winner of the Energy Globe Award in Tajikistan.

Youth Ecological Center (YEC), the 2020 winner of the Energy Globe Award in Tajikistan, implemented a sustainable and outstanding project.

Green Energy in Hissar was implemented by the Youth Ecological Centre in the villages of the Hissar Valley in Tajikistan. The focus was on the development of solar power plants, the provisioning of renewable technologies such as solar water heaters or solar kitchens, and energy-efficient stoves. These combined measures have enabled households to reduce their energy costs and improve rural living conditions. More than 300 women entrepreneurs, farmers, and housewives have benefited from the sewing workshops, greenhouses, agricultural processing, and production of fuel briquettes.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is an official partner of the Energy Globe Award and organizes the National Award Ceremonies.

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