ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Baku congratulates the Energy Globe Award Winner 2021 in Azerbaijan

National Energy Globe Award Azerbaijan for the project " Integrated rural development for IDP communities in Azerbaijan through revitalization of kahriz water supply system "

International Organization for Migration (IOM), Mission in Azerbaijan, this year's winner of the Energy Globe Award in Azerbaijan, implemented a sustainable and outstanding project.


In this project, the water shortage problem is addressed through the rehabilitation of eco-friendly hydraulic structures known as “kahriz”, traditionally used as the main water source in arid zones of Azerbaijan. Kahriz systems have played an important role in Azerbaijan since ancient times to address water shortages. However, these systems were seriously neglected and fell into disrepair during Soviet times following the introduction of piped water systems and dug wells. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, only few of them remained in operation but with greatly reduced capacities. It is estimated that at least 1,400 such systems exist in 20 regions of Azerbaijan but so far only 10% of them have been rehabilitated and used by local communities. The overall goal of this project is to rehabilitate them, and thus increase livelihood opportunities and access to water resources for rural communities in Azerbaijan.

A sustainable initiative for a sustainable future!

Committed people all around the world develop solutions for the most pressing environmental problems of our time like resource scarcity, air and water pollution, erosion, climate change or dependence on fossil fuels. Although these solutions are readily available, they often remain unheard of. Energy Globe gives them a voice and presents them to a large audience to make them visible and encourage others to come up with their own innovative solution.

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f.l.t.r.: Georg Karabaczek (Commercial Councellor of Azerbaijan), Nodar Kevkhishvili (Energy Globe Award Winner Azerbaijan), Alexander Bayerl (Ambassador for Austria to Georgia), Eva Maria Weithaler (Deputy Commercial Councellor of Azerbaijan)