Austria’s Economy Is Getting Stronger


“The Austrian economy will start 2017 in a vibrant state, and the positive trend should also continue as the year progresses”. The Austrian economy grew in all of 2016 by 1.5% and the economic upswing is expected to continue in 2017 at least at this rate.  According to the latest Bank Austria analysis on the state of the Austrian economy, the Austrian economy finished 2016 with a very good last quarter. In addition to an improved mood in industry, the Austrian economy is also now benefiting from the positive effects of a governmental tax reform and low inflation on consumers' purchasing power. The service sector and the construction industry are receiving a boost as well.

The experts see in the forthcoming negotiations regarding Brexit and in possibly economic policy movers  during the term of the American President Donald Trump and in imminent elections in Europe (e.g. in France and Germany) “potential for disappointments”.