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Published quarterly with input from our offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and Guangzhou/Chengdu, our newsletters meant to keep you up to date with the activities and events of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA, Austria's trade promotion organisation, in China.  

It also serves as a platform for you to communicate your news to an audience interested in the growing presence and rapid development of Austrian business in China. Whether it is a project your company has just brought to a successful ending, or a new position you are trying to fill in your China subsidiary, let us know! We want this newsletter to be your newsletter. 

For the latest e-newsletter go to:

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Beijing e-Quarterly

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Guangzhou/ Chengdu e-Quarterly

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Shanghai e-Quarterly

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong e-Quarterly

For a free subscription for the Beijing, Guangzhou/Chengdu, Shanghai or Hong Kong version please sign up here!

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Last update : 2022.09.01