Reach out to them: 8 Austrian Fintech Innovators looking for Partners in Asia

First insights gained with virtual incubation programme in Hong Kong and Singapore

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA and the Global Incubator Network AUSTRIA proudly present eight Austrian Fintech Innovators looking for partners in Asia. The eight startups went from Oct. 27 – Dec. 11, 2020 through a virtual incubation programme to get them acquainted with the Hong Kong and Singapore fintech scenes. Highlights were their participation at the Hong Kong Fintech Week and the Singapore Fintech Festival.

The Hong Kong part of the programme was supported by InvestHK and  the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks. In addition, experts from whub, PWC, ONC Lawyers and FinFabrik shared their own personal Hong Kong insights with the eight innovators.

Feedback and Partners wanted:

Representatives from these eight Austrian companies plan to come to Hong Kong and Singapore in 2021 to follow up on the first virtual contacts established. The innovators are very interested in feedback on their products and services and they are looking for potential partners. Please find their profiles and contact details summarized in list of 8 Austrian Fintech Innovators .

Individual short intros and links follow:
360kompany AG
kompany® provides real-time access to official and authoritative commercial register information covering more than 110 million companies in 200+ jurisdictions for Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering, Enhanced Due Diligence and ongoing compliance processes.

ALVARIA FinTac provides web based automatic risk management to protect indexed investments and other assets traded on global markets. ALVARIA FinTac focuses like no other asset management system on the downside risks of invested values with the help of a self-optimizing algorithm.  

Black Manta Capital Partners BMCP Consulting GmbH
Black Manta Capital Partners ® are a BaFin-licensed, MiFID II-compliant Financial Services Institution: a one-stop agency for all technical, financial, and legal aspects of Tokenization. With Security Tokens that grant equity, profit, and ...

Blockpit GmbH
Blockpit is a a RegTech company and has the vision to bring trust to distributed ledger systems (e.g. blockchains) by monitoring, analyzing and investigating cryptocurrency transactions. Black Manta Capital Partners is a one-stop agency for all technical, financial and legal aspects of tokenization.

Findustrial GmbH
Findustrial is an independent, global Fintech platform connecting industrial companies with financial institutions, investors and insurance companies to fund their industrial machinery and equipment projects based on their usage. The company develops use-based (pay-per-use) financing solutions for industry and offers them on a digital matching platform.

MeetFox offers individual service professionals a simple, one-stop solution  to manage, digitize and monetize their client interactions. MeetFox combines online scheduling, seamless video calls and instant payments in one product.

Segurio Online Insurance Services GmbH
Segurio offers simple online private insurance solutions for high value objects such as watches, jewelry or musical instruments.

Web Value GmbH - 'Valutico'
Valutico is a FinTech startup that has created a web-based valuation platform, providing the financial services industry with data-driven tools to conduct their analyses more efficiently.

Contacts for this programme:

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Hong Kong: Dorathy Lee, T +852 2522 2388, hongkong@advantageaustria.org
ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA Singapore: Ramin Mousavi, T +65 6396 6350,  singapur@advantageaustria.org
Global Incubator Network Austria: Lisa Stöger, T +43 1 50175 549, lisa.stoeger@gin-austria.com