Chongqing, a city with an area of 82,000 km² roughly the size of Austria, a population of about 33 million and an economy the size of Denmark, is a traditional center of Chinese heavy industry, but is increasingly undergoing an industrial transformation into a metropolis of the semiconductor, electronics and ICT industries.

Chongqing, not only produces the most vehicles in China, but also one of three laptops and 90% of all IT network terminals come from the metropolis with its millions of inhabitants. AT&S's plant, for example, is currently being commissioned in expansion stage 3 and produces highly innovative substrate technologies that are used in servers, laptops, medical, automotive, aerospace and smart industries, among others.

A delegation of Austrian subsidiaries in China with a focus on automotive was able to present their technologies and products to the Vice President for Production and Logistics at Chang'an - just at the right time, as Chang'an is planning a premium series of the Sedan. By the way, logistics specialist Gebrüder Weiss already counts Chang'an among its customers.

The highlight of the visit was a working session with Mayor TANG Liangzhi, which was attended by the heads of the city's General Secretariat as well as the heads of the Commission of Economy and IT, Culture and Tourism, Trade, and the Foreign Affairs  and Logistics Offices. In addition to the technologies for the automotive industry and for logistics, the construction of the new concert hall was also discussed here, where Austria hopes to be able to build a cultural bridge with an organ from the Rieger company.