Austria at the 15th Asian Financial Forum 2022 in Hong Kong

One of the world’s most important financial forums is taking place virtually this year on January 10 and 11, 2022. Austria is – similar to Hong Kong – a hub for investment and financial services, in Austria’s case for Central- and East and South-Eastern Europe.



Several Austrian participants at the Forum are interested in teaming up with Asian companies and investors to expand in Europe via Austria. Others are looking for partners and investors to realize projects in the finance area, waste/environmental sector, drinking water supply and health and biotech sectors. Austrian participants represent the following companies and organizations, business partners wanted:

ABA – Invest in Austria: Free advice and support for international companies interested to set up operations in Austria  
Erste Group: One of Austria’s leading banking groups with operations also in Asia https://investinaustria.at/en/
Findustrial: Platform for pay-per-use financial solutions 
Gold Venture Investment: Global investment banking 
BlueSky Immunotherapies: Clinical-stage biotech company 
Snore Free Health App: The first health app that offers a highly effective anti-snore training
Vienna Monitoring Solutions: Microbial water quality monitoring system 
eWaste: Waste Sector consultancy & investors 
Simon GesmbH: Digital Transformation Consultancy  
Second Option: Consultancy and Sales Support for Europe 

Austria’s central location provides advantages for companies
Austria’s central geographical position provides ideal access to the emerging markets of Central & Eastern Europe. Thanks to Austria’s membership in the European Union, not only can all the benefits of the single market be exploited, but the country’s role as a crossroads between North and South, East and West provides strategic advantages for companies involved in international trade. Austria serves as a center for a large number of service companies with outstanding Central & East European know-how. The Austrian banking sector is exceptionally familiar with the region. The banks‘ financial experts have a great deal of in-depth knowledge of the markets in question, and they have built up strong networks of branches throughout the region.