Austrian Hybrid Scrubber Installed at Chinese Shipyard

Austrian Company ANDRITZ has succeeded in delivering a 7.1 x 4.1 meters SeaSOx hybrid scrubber right on time to Chengxi shipyard for the Dole Food Company.


A successfulL international collaboration between Austrian and Chinese ANDRITZ site

The scrubber project was the result of international collaboration within the ANDRITZ GROUP, as the equipment was engineered and designed in Austria and manufactured at the company’s own production facility in China.

The multi-inlet hybrid scrubber was the largest ever installed at Chengxi shipyard located in Jiangsu Province, with an overall footprint of around 7.1 x 4.1 meters on board of MV Dole Maya, a Reefer Container ship. Besides the bypass (U-type) scrubber tower, the project included elements such as pumps, separator, heat exchangers, valves and dampers, filters, NaOH dosing skid, CEMS and I&C. In addition, ANDRITZ was responsible for environmental compliance certification under the supervision of the DNV GL classification society.

Moreover, ANDRITZ will supply a hybrid scrubber for its sister vessel, which will be completed and delivered in April 2021.


Environmentally responsible solutions for vessels

With this installation, ANDRITZ offered, delivered, installed and successfully commissioned the complete portfolio of exhaust gas cleaning systems for maritime vessels. The ANDRITZ SeaSOx technology provides solutions to minimize the environmental impact of maritime vessels complying with the new legal requirements worldwide.

To extend its portfolio, ANDRITZ is now developing SeaSOx Barge Solution for vessels on stay in port that will reduce the level of exhaust gas and ultrafine particulates in it regardless of the size of the vessel or its engines.

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