Austrian winners at the Global Creative Design Award 2021

7 Austrian companies from the creative industries were honored with awards by a jury of professionals and officials in Shanghai


The Global Creative Design Award 2021 competition was initiated by the National Base for International Cultural Trade (Shanghai) International Culture-Tech Industry Cluster (TCDIC). Seven outstanding Austrian companies from the creative industries have proofed their international competitiveness and their market fit to China during the competition in Shanghai. Congratulations to the following winners from Austria that have been given awards in different categories.

  • Amilux Film (Category of Digital Creative Media)
  • Artivive (Category of Innovative Technology for Experience Consumption)
  • Blue Cube 2.0 Attraction! (Category of Digitalize Exhibition Experience)
  • IT Pieces (Category of Digitalize Fashion and Brand Experience)
  • Nous Sonic (Category of Innovative Technology for Experience Consumption)
  • Responsive Space (Category of Digitalize Commercial Space Experience)
  • Studio MARS (Category of Digital Art and Installations)

The Global Creative Design Award was launched in response to the growing demand of creating immersive, digital and interactive experience or entertainment projects. These projects will be implemented in museums and art galleries, retail and shopping malls/commercial complexes, tourist destinations, festivals and themed attractions, science centers and education institutions, public parks and other location for entertainment. The competition aims to create a global network that allows creative studios/service companies, technology-oriented and new media artists, interactive/immersive experience designers, intelligence technology manufacturers, and entertainment center/museum operators to share their ideas and inventions, their artworks and best practice solutions. Subsequently they can collaborate with each other to turn ideas into potential business and market opportunities.

After the official kick-off of the Global Creative Design Award competition, more than 400 applications were received from 15 countries and regions. Over 70 projects were selected to be at the final round. The jury panel consisted, among others, of government representatives, international and domestic industry experts, media and faculty members, representatives from potential buyers and financial institutions. They have chosen the winners with the objective to recognize and nurture innovative ideas, creative products, creative new business models and innovative experience solutions that can contribute to the industry application and economic development. 


About the Austrian creative industries

In the years before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Austrian creative industries developed dynamically. 11% of all companies in the Austrian economy belonged to the creative industries. These around 45,500 creative companies generate an annual turnover of around 24 billion euro. This amount corresponds to almost 4% of the entire Austrian economic output. 116,000 employed persons, around 5% of all employed workforce in Austria, and 47,000 self-employed persons were active in the creative sector in 2018. 40% of creative companies have their main residence in Vienna, 60% are located in other federal states, such as Lower Austria (14%), Upper Austria (11%) and Styria (10%). 

Measured in terms of employment, sales and gross value added, the areas of software and games, advertising, the market for performing arts, book and publishing as well as architecture are the five largest. In contrast, radio and TV, the music industry and design are rather small sectors.


Your contact in Shanghai 

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