Self-made Austrian Delicates


Austria boasts one of the world's most famous culinary traditions. A diverse yet delectably harmonious range of dishes reflects influences from all the countries of the former Habsburg monarchy.

Given its location at the heart of Europe Austria has for centuries attracted large numbers of visitors. Some were evidently so taken by the country and its residents that they settled there. The artistic and cultural traditions that they brought with them left an indelible mark on modern-day Austria.

That fascinating blend of many European cultural influnces is also reflected in Austria's cuisine. Some of the most famous Austrian food specialities originate from Italy, Bohemia, Hungary, Serbia etc. and were perfected and turned into joys for eyes and taste-buds.

There is no question that some dishes of Austrian cusisine are well known throughout the world. Wiener Schnitzel (veal escalope) or Tafelspitz (boiled beef rump), accompanied by a glass or bottle of excellent Austrian wine, is a favorite dish everywhere.

Let's not forget the mouthwatering cakes and pastries such as Sachertorte or Apfelstrudel and the coffeehouse-tradition Austria is famous for.

Let yourself in for a pleasant surprise.

The Austrians - especially the Viennese - are famous for their devotion to the finer things in life - the arts, music and, of course, cakes and pastries. For the Austrians, eating cakes and pastries is one of life's richest and oldest pleasures.

It began over 500 years ago, when Emperor Frederick V. of Austria ordered bread rolls to be stamped with his likeness. It seems that from then on, Austrian bakers never looked back. Especially in the period, when Vienna was the capital of the vast Austro-Hungarian Empire and one of the trendsetters in arts, music, fashion and lifestyle, more and more recipes for exquisite cakes and pastries were created. Viennese pastry shops fought with each other over which were the best. But in other Austrian cities such as Graz, Salzburg or Linz the competition for the best cakes and pastries was as fierce as in Vienne.

Therefore, is it any wonder that Austrian cakes and pastries are without rival? Mouthwatering treats such as Apfelstrudel (Viennese apple strudel), Sachertorte (Sacher cake), Linzerschnitte, Dobostorte or the distinctively shaped Gugelhupf, not to mention an incredible number of other cakes or hot items such as Palatschinken (crepes), Kaiserschmarren (Viennese browned omelette), Buchteln (yeast dumplings) or Marillenknödel (aprict dumplings) are now world famous.