Embracing a climate-friendly future with the circular economy: #greentechaustria

Austrian firms are technology and market leaders in planning resource-neutral product life cycles and responsible stewardship of resources.


Our prime directive should be to conduct our lives and businesses as resource-friendly and climate-friendly as possible. To achieve this, we will need innovation and technology leaders that adopt new developments swiftly and implement them reliably.

Austria’s companies are greentech pioneers in the vanguard of businesses implementing the EU’s Green Deal. A central plank of this policy is to practise a circular economy.

What is a circular economy? In short, a product should be designed and produced to conserve resources from the very outset. It should be in use for as long as possible and it should be repairable, with waste reduced to a minimum. Recycling is thus the last step in the cycle. We still have a long way to go, but such ambitions show that a systemic transformation is already under way.

Austrian companies have been following this path for some time now, and the first stages have been completed: technologies and machinery from Austria that specialise in plastic recycling are among the world’s finest, producing e.g. plastic granulate that is ready for further processing.

Iron, steel, copper and tungsten are reused in industrial processes in Austria. ‘Green’ steel and the repurposing of previously used construction materials are just a few examples of the manifold applications of the circular economy.

More information and interesting insights on the topic, combined with exciting stories of how Austrian companies are doing their bit towards a climate-friendly future are available in the new FRESH VIEW GreenTech.