A strong Team Austria is entering the 46th WorldSkills Competition

45 Austrian competitors from 39 professions will be testing their mettle at the WorldSkills 2022 tournament.

© Florian Wieser
Official farewell of Team Austria 2022
© Florian Wieser

WorldSkills 2022 is the 46th event in the series but, for the very first time, the competition is set to be held in several countries simultaneously – as WorldSkills Competition 2022 Special Edition. In addition to Austria, the contest will take place in Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Luxembourg, Sweden, Switzerland, South Korea, the USA and the UK.

By the end of November, Austria’s top experts in their field will have been put through their paces and demonstrated their skills against some 1,200 colleagues from all over the world. Team Austria 2022 boasts a starting line-up of 45 participants from 39 professions.

Just like their predecessors at the last WorldSkills competition, these ambassadors for Austrian vocational training will be showing the commitment and zeal that is the hallmark of the consummate professionals produced by Austria’s excellent vocational education system – and the secret to the global success of our country’s firms.

We wish these young Austrian business champions every success!