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GoStudent: a high-flying unicorn

The Austrian online tutoring platform GoStudent has notched up another world record: after an investment of EUR 300 million, the startup is now worth USD 3 billion.

International Mobility Days 2021: virtual conference, 13–15 December

Austria is one of the top nations in the field of mobility. The three-day virtual event informs about the latest trends and innovations.

Born Global Champions: Austria honours its trendsetters

Awards have gone to 27 recently founded Austrian firms that have pursued a strategy of internationalisation ever since their foundation.

EuroSkills 2021: Austria’s young professionals are the best in the EU

Team Austria achieved an impressive haul of 33 medals at the European professional championships held in Austria last week.

Austria is strengthening itself as a business location and promoting climate protection

Federal government presents cornerstones of its eco-social tax reform

Greentech from Austria is promoting climate action worldwide

With their environmentally friendly and ecologically compatible solutions, companies from Austria are in the vanguard of efforts to enable sustainable use of our resources.

New VIAC Arbitration and Mediation Rules 2021

On 1 July 2021, a new version of the VIAC Rules of Arbitration and Mediation („Vienna Rules 2021“) and a completely new set of VIAC Investment Arbitration and Mediation Rules entered into force.

FRANCHISEEXPO 21: 4-6 November 2021, Frankfurt, Germany, and online

Austria’s Franchise Fair and Franchise Expo Frankfurt have joined forces in 2021 to create the largest franchise fair in the German-speaking world.


Medical technology from Austria encompasses everything from diagnostic devices and dental instruments to building and managing large hospitals.

Salzburg Europe Summit 2021: Europa and Peace - The Comeback of Europe, in Salzburg, Austria, 26-28 September 2021 

After eighteen months of pandemic, with all the severe consequences it has had for the countries of  Europe, it is absolutely essential to take the right steps towards a comeback, a rebuilding and, in some respects, even a new start for Europe – and this is precisely the aim of this year’s conference.