TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab Official Launch In Malaysia


TÜV TRUST IT, a member of the TÜV AUSTRIA Group, and Malaysian LGMS have set up a joint venture in Malaysia, the TÜV AUSTRIA Cybersecurity Lab Sdn. Bhd.

The brand new competence center will serve the national market as well as make a significant contribution to establishing Malaysia as a cybersecurity hub for the entire Asia-Pacific region.

The objective is to become the leading authority for cybersecurity assessment, testing and certification – with a main focus on Industry 4.0.

Thanks to the persistent expansion strategy and clear vision of DI Dr. Stefan Hass, TÜV Austria established itself as a renowned specialist in cybersecurity testing. The Cybersecurity Lab will help companies identify and solve weaknesses in their IT infrastructure and make a significant contribution to maintaining and continuously improving the level of security in the country and region.

With the creation of at least 100 highly qualified jobs, the Austrian-Malaysian partnership will also become an important job creator in the region.