Facts and Figures - Outbound Tourism to Austria

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Here are a few facts and figures about the Austrian industry: Outbound Tourism to Austria
  • 41.6

    billion euros in added value

    The direct and indirect added value of the tourism and leisure industry was EUR 41.6 billion in 2021, i.e. around 10.3% of GDP.

  • 1,354

    euros in per capita income

    In 2020, the per capita income from tourism of the resident population in Austria was 1,354 euros.

  • 66

    million overnight stays

    There were 66 million overnight stays by guests from abroad in Austria in 2020; with that, the country ranks 1st out of 29 in Europe.

  • 1,312

    international events

    In 2021, the Austrian conference industry recorded 1,312 international congresses, conferences and seminars.

Source: Statistics Austria, Tourism
Tourism data  2021
Arrivals (domestic guests) 9.42 m
Arrivals (international guests) 12.73 m
Total arrivals22.14 m
Overnights (domestic guests) 29.60 m
Overnights (international guests) 49.96 m
Total overnights 79.56 m
Average duration of stay (overnights) 3.6
Tourism income from foreign guests (in Euro 2020)    11.76 bn
Tourism income from domestic guests (in Euro 2020)    9.15 bn


Last update : 10. January 2023