Facts and figures - Telecommunication

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Here are a few facts and figures about the Austrian industry: Telekommunication
  • 92.4% 

    export percentage        

    With electronic components, e.g. semiconductors, the export percentage based on turnover was 92.4% in 2018

  • 24.03

    million SIM cards

    In 2022, there were more than 24 million active SIM cards in circulation in Austria. 

  • 4.06

    billion GB of mobile data per year

    Four billion gigabytes of mobile data were transmitted in Austria in 2022.

  • 287


    In 2020, there were 287 companies in Austria in the field of telecommunications.

Source: Trend Top 500
The largest companies of the Austrian telecommunications sector by net revenue in Mio. Euro (2021)
Telekom Austria AG (Markenname: A1 Telekom Austria Group) 4,748.30
T-Mobile Austria GmbH (Markenname: Magenta Telekom) 1,351.00
Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH 866.00
K-Businesscom AG (vormals: Kapsch BusinessCom AG)  458.30
Frequentis AG 333.50

Last update : 09. May 2023