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Over 700 small-scale, highly innovative companies supply technologically advanced parts -  from all-wheel drive units to combustion cylinders and electric car batteries - to a wide range of vehicle manufacturers. Complete car manufacture is also important including, for example, the BMW 5 series from early 2017. Automotive from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Facts and figures - Automotive

  • 18.5

    billion euros in production value

  • 41,000


  • 86%

    export quota

  • 666

    million euros in investments

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austrian companies

  • AVL List GmbH

    AVL is the world's largest independent company for the development, simulation and testing of drive systems for private motor cars, commercial vehicles, stationary engines, large engines and their integration into vehicles.

  • AustriaTech - Gesellschaft des Bundes für technologiepolitische Maßnahmen GmbH

    AustriaTech promotes the implementation and development of an efficient, effective, safe and sustainable mobility system. It supports the processes of change taking place and acts in partnership with Austrian stakeholders. In its role ...

  • Geislinger GmbH

    Geislinger develops torsional vibration dampers, couplings, shafts, and monitoring systems for large engines. With more than 60 years of experience Geislinger is one of the leading experts in providing solutions to control torsional ...

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