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Silver Generation

Our ageing society is an international phenomenon. The secondary healthcare market - privately financed health care services - is set to become a huge market. There is also a growing trend for healthy foods, food supplements and natural cosmetics – together with entertainment electronics, ‘wellness’ trips and senior mobile phones. Silver Generation products from Austria – Surprisingly Ingenious
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Austrian companies

  • Technoclone Herstellung von Diagnostika und Arzneimitteln GmbH

    Technoclone is a world-leading producer of diagnostics tests, equipment and research products in the area of blood clotting. The product range includes global and special coagulation tests, fully automatic coagulation analyzers ...

  • PRATTO Consulting GmbH

    PRÁTTO Consulting is a European consultancy with an international orientation. All consultants have worked for decades in a wide variety of companies as executives. The company is characterised by: • Practical support of management teams in ...

  • VAMED Engineering GmbH

    VAMED is recognised internationally as one of the leading companies in the healthcare sector. VAMED provides a complete package of services for every type of healthcare facility, e.g. Hospitals, specialist clinics and rehabilitation ...

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